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ITC Savlon launches multi-purpose germ protection wipes,




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  • The COVID - 19 health crisis has witnessed the definition of ‘hygiene’ evolving significantly over the last couple of months. In light of Unlock 1.0, as restrictions get eased across states and offices, hotels, malls and other establishments gradually open up and people transition back to work, hygiene and germ protection have emerged as the predominant consumer need. On this vein, ITC Savlon has introduced a new product - multi-purpose Germ Protection Wipes* to address hygiene and personal care concerns. With convenience at its core, Savlon Germ Protection Wipes* seeks to augment the category of wet wipes to offer a solution to help provide 99.9 per cent germ protection (data basis lab study on sample microbes.)

    Savlon Germ Protection Wipes with its skin friendly pH and soft textured fabric can be effectively used on hands, and other parts of the body for 99.99% germ protection. Also the innovative design makes it equally useful in cleaning frequently touched surfaces such as glass, marble, plastic, wood, and stainless steel including table tops, door knobs, and steering wheels and so on.

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