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This is a Vegetarian product.
    • Pickles are rich in Antioxidants. Our Nectar Mix pickle is best having all the rich ingredients. Eating pickles can save you from digestive issues. Probiotic bacteria or the friendly bacteria that form the part of the human digestive system help in food digestion. Fermented salt pickles can lead to the growth of friendly bacteria to aid digestion. Our Digestive system generates a number of probiotic bacteria in our body which usually helps us to digest our food
    • Pickles supply your body with vital minerals and vitamins fresh pickles, made from various beneficial ingredients. The taste of pickles is awesome and may be given to kids to let them have their share of herbs and leafy vegetables. The best part is that pickles are even loved by kids and thus they also reap the health benefits of pickles. Vitamin A, C, K and Iron essential Minerals, like calcium and potassium
    • Pickles are rich in Vitamins and Minerals to protect the body from various diseases. If you have been missing just the right taste from your daily food its time to swap your regular jar of a pickle for Martban Mix pickles. Our Nectar mix Pickles are eaten along with the main course and provide a tempting taste
    • Our Nectar Mix pickle can be served with all Indian Meals, and are prepared under hygienic conditions. It can be used within 12months after opened and Best before the date. Always use a clean and dry spoon while handling this pickle. We all have grown up eating delicious, crunchy and tangy pickles made by our grandmothers and mothers here we provide you with a substitute taste of it. No meal is complete without them

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